грант казино

Glamorous architecture, gambling tables and machines. Since July 2002 the Grand Jeu has opened its doors.

"Blackjack", "American Roulette" and various poker games - but also almost 350 slot machines wait for the lucky winners. The Grand Casino Bern has the highest payout rate of all casinos in Switzerland: 94 % of the stakes are paid out again.

Tasty meals and fun while playing have been two favorite passtimes since the beginning of time.

Experience exotic meals and game arrangsments in a high-end atmosphere at prices that won't break the bank.

By the way: Winnings in Swiss Casinos are - in contrast to lottery wins – non-taxable.

It was really fast paced in the buffet so you have to be ready for it.

You have to be patient with the new associates too.

Other than that it’s a pretty cool job, just gotta find a way to pass the time Great place to work, Wonderful guest and employees. Some times having unruly guest was difficult especially if yo9u couldn't accommodate what they wanted.

Some jobs are better then others but if you don't like one department you can always change it.

They are basically like a family and some do favourite other people more then others, don't get offended but don't get pushed around either.

Over all I loved working at the casino on Hinckley, Mn.

My favorite part was definitely the people I worked with u can be the new person for like 20 minutes and feel like u are with family by the end of the first day.